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Happiness Therapy Center’s (HTC) mission is to support neurodivergent learners throughout the Denver area. We support children in group and 1:1 sessions and collaborate with schools in the Denver area by providing in-school support, group and individual sessions, and teacher education. HTC has a unique ability to provide a multitude of services in many locations, including in our office, outdoors at City Park, at home, virtually, and at your child’s school. In-school services that are offered in your child’s school during the school day, with seamless transitions from class.

Happiness Therapy Center started off as a certified autism center and has shifted into a multi-service center. We offer a variety of traditional therapies, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills groups, and reading support. We also offer Rainbow Therapy—a variety of services that work with your child’s unique energy.

We believe that children make optimal growth when evaluations and treatments are child-centered, collaborative, and holistic. We focus on treating the whole child. After the evaluation process is complete, a treatment plan will be developed, and therapy will begin as soon as possible.

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About Happiness Therapy Center

At HTC, we take pride in knowing that we offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive assessments, evaluations, and therapy services. HTC understands the emotional stress parents experience when having a child with special needs, especially during a pandemic when services are limited. At a time when most schools are virtual and family support seems to have stopped, you can trust that HTC will be your support system. Parent support and education have always been an integral part of HTC, and now more than ever, we have realized that supporting families is the main way children will experience growth.

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