S P E E C H / L A N G U A G E T H E R A P Y

Your child may need Speech/Language Therapy if they have...

  • Limited vocabulary for age

  • Unintelligible speech

  • Stuttering or disfluency

  • Behavior issues due to inability to communicate needs

  • Poor social skills

  • Grammatically incorrect sentence structure

Speech/Language Evaluation

Speech therapists at Happiness Therapy Center provide a full evaluation to assess your child's speech and language skills. If you think your child is in need of a speech language evaluation, please contact us.

Speech/Language Treatment Plan

After completing the evaluation process, a treatment plan is developed and implemented based upon your child's needs.  Happiness Therapy Center takes pride in providing kind, effective and family-centered therapy. Families are considered an essential part of treatment as parents are the primary decision makers for the child. 

Speech/Language Therapy

Therapy targets the specific area/areas of need as determined by the evaluation in order to help your child make as much individualized growth as possible. HTC combines traditional speech and language therapy with modern, effective and up to date approaches. Therapists at HTC understand the core challenge areas of individuals with autism and work to help develop functional communication in the areas of articulation, expressive language, receptive language, social-pragmatic and auditory processing skills. 

One-on-one support is available in school or at the HTC office for $88 per session.

Does your child need a communication device?

We are happy to get your child their own device.

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