Social Skills Group

Does your child need support socially interacting with their peers?

Our Social Skills Groups allow children to learn and practice social skills with peers of similar age and ability levels in a structured environment. These groups provide structure and predictability, where children will work in pairs and/or small groups to promote comfort. Groups stay together for at least four 30-45 minute sessions to build relationships and skills together.

Social Skills Groups allow children to develop age-appropriate social skills, such as:

  • Taking turns

  • Understanding body language and facial expressions

  • Expressing emotions

  • Initiating interactions

  • Gaining self-control

  • Problem-solving

  • Holding age-appropriate conversations with peers

  • Coping with challenging situations

These social skills are necessary life-long skills utilized in school, extracurricular activities, in friendships, and other real-life situations. Not only do our Social Skills Groups foster self-awareness and self-esteem, but they also help to build a solid foundation for children to make and maintain rewarding relationships throughout different stages of life.

Social Skills Groups are available in school or at the HTC office for $55 per session.

Social Skills Evaluation

If you think your child is in need of a social skills evaluation, please contact us.

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