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Happiness Therapy Center works with schools local to Denver to provide services to neurodivergent students during the school day. Incorporating support into the student’s school schedule normalizes their differences and disabilities, and receiving sessions in an environment they are familiar with can allow them to feel more comfortable during sessions. HTC therapists travel to the school to provide support, so sessions are just another part of the student’s day.

Benefits of HTC in schools:

  • Families aren’t worrying about finding a therapist

  • Your school isn’t worrying about disrupting the students’ day. We pride ourselves on seamless transitions and gather groups when it works best for the schedule of the teachers and students.

  • The more HTC interacts with your community, the better the learning environment is for everyone. Teachers are supported, and students get to have fun during our sessions while receiving the support they need.

Group Sessions

Group sessions give schools the opportunity to support many students at once. These sessions are a time for children to receive a sensory break throughout their school day.

To create groups, teachers identify students who display tricky behaviors or may benefit from one of the services we offer (occupational therapy, speech therapy, social skills groups, and reading support). From these chosen groups, therapists observe the students and further and identify students that would benefit from group sessions, along with students who may need extra support through 1:1 sessions at school.

Schools are responsible for paying for group sessions, and parents are responsible for paying for 1:1 sessions. After we identify students in group sessions who would benefit from individual support, schools provide parent contact information for HTC to set up client intake and agreements, scheduling of sessions, and payment.

If your school is not interested in group sessions but would like 1:1 support for students, you can refer families to us, and we will have a conversation with the parents about how HTC can support their children.

Happiness Therapy Center provides group reports to schools on a monthly basis.

1:1 Sessions

One-on-one sessions are also available to schools to offer students more specialized and focused support during the school day. After students are chosen for 1:1 services through group sessions, HTC will work with parents to set up client intake and agreements, scheduling of sessions, payment, and an initial evaluation or reevaluation.

This evaluation identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses through various methods of testing. Parents receive a final report and a meeting with HTC to communicate where their child stands in their differences and which 1:1 services will support them most based on their diagnosis.

Schools have the option to choose which 1:1 sessions they offer, and they also have the option to either pay for 1:1 sessions or to pass the payment on to parents. In either case, 1:1 sessions are held at school during the school day, like all other school services.

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Interested in working with HTC to support your students?

Schedule a free consultation with Kali Henderson, owner of Happiness Therapy Center, and fill out a quick form while scheduling to communicate to us what you are observing in your students at your school. If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please email Kali directly at

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When Happiness Therapy Center visits private schools, all school regulations regarding health and safety are followed. Your child’s safety is our top priority!

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